In this mini-course we will take you from
too tired to turned on.



The limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having the quality of intimacy you desire


What lab tests you need to ask your doctor for to determine if you have an underlying hormonal imbalance

The real-life changes you need to make to go from overwhelmed and uninterested to turned on

Hosted by

Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Mood and Libido Expert.
Helping women heal with pleasure not pills.

50% of women will experience a lack of desire at some point in her lifetime

The medical system is failing to provide adequate answers.

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Don't settle for anything less than fulfillment. Become a part of the pleasure revolution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Reignighting Desire is an online mini-course developed by Dr. Jordin Wiggins that will walk you through the beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing joy and pleasure, real-life action steps you can start taking today to get you closer to a pleasure filled-life and medical information that you need to know so you can confidently ask your doctor for the right tests.

The Reignighting Desire mini course is made up of videos, handouts and mindfulness activities for you to complete at home. The course itself will take about 2 hours and can be split up over multiple days to accommodate your busy schedule. 

All you will need is a computer or phone, a journal (or some pen and paper) and time.

The cost of the program is $79 USD.

You will learn how to take yourself from too tired and overwhelmed, to turned on and ready to accept pleasure in your life.


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